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2011 MLB Draft: Order, TV Schedule And More

The 2011 MLB Draft gets underway on Monday night and the Colorado Rockies will have two selections over the first round and the compensatory/supplemental first round proceedings. But as in recent years, the Rockies will need to wait a little while to make their selections.

This year their first pick comes in at No. 20. This is actually a bit lower in the round than usual due to additional selections inserted into the first round. Arizona, San Diego and Milwaukee all failed to sign their first-round selections in 2010, which, under MLB rules, gives those teams a draft pick immediately following where they chose the previous year. For example, the D'Backs drafted Barrett Loux sixth overall and didn't sign him after injury issues cropped up. They will now get the seventh overall pick. However, these additional picks don't come with compensation, so the teams are likely to draft players they know they will sign with them.

After the 20th pick, the Rockies must wait until No. 45 overall, or 12 selections into the compensatory round. These picks are rewarded to teams who lose players through free agency. Type 'A' free agents give the losing team the signing team's first-round selection (top 15 protected, sending the second-round pick instead) and a compensatory pick. Type 'B' free agents give the losing team a compensatory pick. The Rockies picked up No. 45 due to Octavio Dotel. As part of a gentleman's agreement, the Rockies offered arbitration and Dotel nodded and declined. He signed with Toronto.

Tune into the MLB Network at 4 p.m. MT for a predraft show and then 5 p.m. MT for the actual draft. will also have live streaming coverage.

First Round

1. Pittsburgh Pirates
2. Seattle Mariners
3. Arizona Diamondbacks
4. Baltimore Orioles
5. Kansas City Royals
6. Washington Nationals
7. Arizona Diamondbacks
(for unsigned 2010 pick Barrett Loux)
8. Cleveland Indians
9. Chicago Cubs
10. San Diego Padres
(for unsigned 2010 pick Karsten Whitson)
11. Houston Astros
12. Milwaukee Brewers
13. New York Mets
14. Florida Marlins
15. Milwaukee Brewers
(for unsigned 2010 pick Dylan Covey)
16. Los Angeles Dodgers
17. Los Angeles Angels
18. Oakland Athletics
19. Boston Red Sox
(from Detroit Tigers for free agent Victor Martinez)
20. Colorado Rockies
21. Toronto Blue Jays
22. St. Louis Cardinals
23. Washington Nationals
(from Chicago White Sox for free agent Adam Dunn)
24. Tampa Bay Rays
(from Boston Red Sox for free agent Carl Crawford)
25. San Diego Padres
26. Boston Red Sox
(from Texas Rangers for free agent Adrian Beltre)
27. Cincinnati Reds
28. Atlanta Braves
29. San Francisco Giants
30. Minnesota Twins
31. Tampa Bay Rays
32. Tampa Bay Rays
(from New York Yankees for free agent Rafael Soriano)
33. Texas Rangers
(from Philadelphia Phillies for free agent Cliff Lee)

Compensatory Round A/Supplemental First Round

34. Washington Nationals (for Type A free agent Adam Dunn (Chicago White Sox))
35. Toronto Blue Jays (for Type A free agent Scott Downs (Los Angeles Angels))
36. Boston Red Sox (for Type A free agent Victor Martinez (Detroit Tigers))
37. Texas Rangers (for Type A free agent Cliff Lee (Philadelphia))
38. Tampa Bay Rays (for Type A free agent Rafael Soriano (New York Yankees))
39. Philadelphia Phillies (for Type A free agent Jayson Werth (Washington))
40. Boston Red Sox (for Type A free agent Adrian Beltre (Texas))
41. Tampa Bay Rays (for Type A free agent Carl Crawford (Boston))
42. Tampa Bay Rays (for Type A free agent Grant Balfour (Oakland))
43. Arizona Diamondbacks (for Type B free agent Adam LaRoche (Baltimore))
44. New York Mets (for Type B free agent Pedro Feliciano (New York Yankees))
45. Colorado Rockies (for Type B free agent Octavio Dotel (Toronto Blue Jays))
46. Toronto Blue Jays (for Type B free agent Kevin Gregg (Baltimore Orioles))
47. Chicago White Sox (for Type B free agent J.J. Putz (Arizona Diamondbacks))
48. San Diego Padres (for Type B free agent Jon Garland (Los Angeles Dodgers))
49. San Francisco Giants (for Type B free agent Juan Uribe (Los Angeles Dodgers))
50. Minnesota Twins (for Type B free agent Orlando Hudson (San Diego Padres))
51. New York Yankees (for Type B free agent Javier Vazquez (Florida Marlins))
52. Tampa Bay Rays (for Type B free agent Brad Hawpe (San Diego Padres))
53. Toronto Blue Jays (for Type B free agent John Buck (Florida Marlins))
54. San Diego Padres (for Type B free agent Yorvit Torrealba (Texas Rangers))
55. Minnesota Twins (for Type B free agent Jesse Crain (Chicago White Sox))
56. Tampa Bay Rays (for Type B free agent Joaquin Benoit (Detroit))
57. Toronto Blue Jays (for Type B free agent Miguel Olivo (Seattle Mariners))
58. San Diego Padres (for Type B free agent Kevin Correia (Pittsburgh Pirates))
59. Tampa Bay Rays (for Type B free agent Randy Choate (Florida Marlins))
60. Tampa Bay Rays (for Type B free agent Chad Qualls (San Diego Padres))

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Our 2011 MLB Mock Draft StoryStream has covered many of the major mock drafts and it appears as though the Rockies are favored to select a college bat, likely Utah 1B C.J. Cron, UNC SS Levi Michael or Hawaii 2B Kolten Wong.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream throughout the day for more updates on the draft, including last-minute mock drafts, Rockies draft history and more. Visit Purple Row for more on the Rockies.