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College World Series, South Carolina Vs. Florida: Preston Tucker's Gators Career Could End Soon

Florida Gators first baseman Preston Tucker will have quite a bit to think about over the next few weeks once the 2011 College World Series ends on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Back in the start of June, the Colorado Rockies selected Tucker in the 16th round of the draft. Since Tucker and the Gators were and still are in postseason play, the Rockies were not allowed to have any contact with him.

But that could change in a few hours or in a day, and Tucker will need to decide if he wants to come back for his senior year or if he wants to jump on his pro career. What are some things that will be weighing on his mind? Certainly a College World Series championship. Win the next two games and he can go out on top. Lose and he may want to come back for another chance.

He may also want a significant amount of money to sign. Though a 16th round selection, Tucker fell most likely due to signability concerns. If the Rockies can convince him to sign he would certainly require a significant bonus. Last year, the Rockies signed high school catcher Will Swanner as a 15th rounder for just under $500,000 while in 2004 the Rockies spent $925,000 to sign 14th rounder Dexter Fowler (that was after clearing money in the Larry Walker deal).

Being the presumed heir to Todd Helton's spot at first base hopefully sounds mighty nice to Tucker. This could go all the way down to the August 15 signing deadline.

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