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VIDEO: J.R. Hildebrand Crashes During Indy 500 Finish

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What a wild finish to the 2011 Indianapolis 500. Danica Patrick led at one point, but then Bertrand Baguette took the lead. And he kept it until rookie J.R. Hildebrand passed him during the final lap. Hildebrand had the lead going into the final turn, but then he crashed into the wall, losing first place and the checkered flag. Dan Wheldon crossed the finish line in first place.


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via @bubbaprog

Too be so close and then lose it all with the race just seconds from ending, I can't quite imagine how it feels to be the rookie Hildebrand now. It was within his grasp and he just couldn't keep it there. The crash wasn't all that bad, in terms of damage since he was able to still finish second. That is an accomplishment itself that may be overlooked because of the crash. Second place in the Indy 500 is nothing to scoff at.