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2011 NHL Playoffs: (Video) Tim Thomas Makes Amazing Save In Bruins' 3-1 Victory

After the Tampa Bay Lightning scored four unanswered goals against the Boston Bruin's Tim Thomas (a fifth goal came on an empty net), the series was tied at two. Thomas, however, didn't let that faze him in Monday night's Game 5. He picked up the victory in the 3-1 decision, making 33 saves on 34 shots. But none of those saves was as great or as important as the one he made midway through the third period, the Bruins up by a goal, 2-1:

The puck gets sent to the boards and then bounces its way back to the Lightning's Steve Downie, who looks like he should be able to slip it past Thomas before he gets in position. But Thomas was able to get his stick in position to make the save.

That would have been a huge momentum shift in the game, but Thomas was somehow able to make the extension. As is, the Bruins went on to win the game, 3-1 (Richard Peverley added an empty net goal with 13 seconds left in the game), to gain a 3-2 series advantage.