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2011 Preakness Results: Shackleford Wins, Animal Kingdom Finishes 2nd

There will be no run for the Triple Crown this year in horse racing. After Animal Kingdom took the 2011 Kentucky Derby, things turned out differently for the horse in the 2011 Preakness. Shackleford, who finished fourth in the Kentucky Derby, took home the 136th Preakness Stakes, leading wire-to-wire. Animal Kingdom finished second and was followed by Astrology.

Mucho Macho Man finished sixth, though many hoped he would win after Macho Man Randy Savage's death on Friday.

In obscure connections to pop culture, think about this. Shackleford the horse is trained by a guy named Dale Romans. Shackleford is part of an alias for King of the Hills' Dale Gribble (Rusty Shackleford). Just a funny coincidence.

Full results:

  1. Shackleford
  2. Animal Kingdom
  3. Astrology
  4. Dialed In
  5. Dance City
  6. Mucho Macho Man
  7. King Congie
  8. Mr. Commons
  9. Isn't He Perfect
  10. Concealed Identity
  11. Norman Asbjornson
  12. Sway Away
  13. Midnight Interlude
  14. Flashpoint

The 2011 Belmont Stakes takes place on June 11.