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Colorado Mammoth Are Already In The Playoffs As They Face Minnesota

The Colorado Mammoth are really only playing for pride in regards to their record tonight. With the Edmonton Rush eliminated from the playoffs and the Mammoth in no matter what happens tonight against the Minnesota Swarm. There’s something to be said for momentum as the Mammoth will face the West leading Calgary Roughnecks no matter what happens tonight, but there’s also something to be said for resting players before the biggest game of the year. The Mammoth are fairly starved for depth so resting players might not work anyway, but you may see John Grant Jr, Ian Hawksbee, Joel Delgarno and Gavin Prout playing fewer minutes than they have during the Mammoth’s fine run to the playoffs before.

Minnesota has something to play for in the game today as they can clinch home advantage with their second overall seed if they win today against the Mammoth. The game will be in Minnesota so the Swarm have the obvious advantage in several ways today. If the Mammoth win they can at the very least bump up their record to one higher than the team they made the playoffs over, the Edmonton Rush. 6-10 isn’t much more impressive than 5-11, but I’m sure after the terrible start to the season every win will look more impressive on the Mammoth’s resume.

The game starts at 7 PM Mountain Time. Go Mammoth!