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Colorado Mammoth Win A Bizzare 7-6 Game, Keep Their Playoff Hopes Alive

Why do we love lacrosse? A lot of people get into the game because they love the high scoring, back and forth action that is reminiscent of hockey on turf with basketball like scores. It’s a bit of a rarity to hear of a ‘gritty, defense filled’ Lacrosse game above the high school level – especially when the Mammoth of these last few years have been involved – but that’s exactly what the Mammoth fans at the Pepsi Center were treated to today at the Pepsi Center as the Mammoth won by the farcically low score of 7 to 6.

Matt Disher and Chris Levis both looked amazing between the sticks, bailing out the defenses even when some of the inevitable breakdowns happened. A bunch of the very few goals scored today came out of 1v1’s which shows just how good the defenses were in front of their keepers as well. The first two goal lead of the game came at 13:00 of the fourth quarter when John Grant Jr. scored to give the Mammoth a 5-3 advantage after they had been trading scarce goals all game long.

As the fourth quarter progressed, the goals continued to stay scarce despite several penalties – including a couple of Too Many Men pens on Edmonton – keeping the game uneven player-wise. The shots continued to come but they continued to be stopped by the two men manning the pipes for the squads.

Levis had a brilliant stop on a breakaway with his leg in the 11th minute and Disher continued to make stop after stop as the Mammoth dominated the game in shots; the final tally was 50-40 in favor of Colorado. Levis conceded another on an amazing shot from Ryan Ward at 7:33. They traded goals from Grant Jr. and Ward again to make it 6-5. WIth only 1:36 left in the game, Jed Prossner finally put the nail into the coffin with a breakaway shot, his only goal of the game. The score would hold for the Mammoth’s second home win, amazingly breaking that streak of no wins since 2009 in style.

This win keeps the Mammoth’s dim playoff hopes alive and makes their next game against the Rush on the road possibly the most important game of the season for Colorado. At 3-9 now to Edmonton’s 4-10, it will be a close, close battle to the finish. Being able to win at home will certainly help.