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Colorado Mammoth Take On Edmonton In First Night Of Home And Home

The Colorado Mammoth needed to win last Saturday against the Boston Blazers in order to keep the playoff race level with the tied-for-last-place Edmonton Rush. They did – amazingly since it was their first home win since 2009 – and it made today and tomorrow’s home and home battle between the two teams extra important.

This will be Colorado’s first meeting with the Rush since they traded with them at the deadline to acquire their old captain, forward Gavin Prout. Prout played an integral part in the win over the Blazers with a goal and a couple of assists and kept the Blazers defense from swarming all over John Grant Jr. like teams have been doing all season long. The defense was also improved by new trade Ian Hawksbee, keeping the powerful league best Boston offense to a scant 8 goals on the night, a season low amount for the Mammoth.

Colorado will spend tonight on the road and tomorrow at home against their conference rivals with the two games – plus one later in April – most likely being the deciding factors on which team makes the playoffs at the end of the year.

Go Mammoth!