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Interview With Colorado Mammoth Forward Alex Gajic

Colorado lost tonight, 11-10, in overtime. After the game I caught up with Mammoth forward and the man who scored the goal to send the game to overtime in the dying seconds of the 4th quarter, forward Alex Gajic.


White: Another heartbreaking loss, another one goal game at home. Can anyone identify what's going on with this team that's just causing all these close home games to turn into losses?

Gajic: Nah, it's really just tough luck for us, especially tonight, you know? We thought we had it going and we had a couple goals called back, a couple crossbars, an unfortunate penalty shot late in there. We went down in the first but we moved the ball well, we played well, just couldn't pull out a win.

White: Obviously this is a team that's got a ton of talent on it with you, Grant Jr, Langtry et al. Is there just a piece you think is missing keeping a couple of the close wins away?

Gajic: I don't think so, really all the components are there. We've got some shooters, some good defenders, everyone knows what they do and they do it fairly well. We just gotta start putting them in; we get a lot of shots but not a lot of goals.

White: Chris Levis had one of his best games of the season tonight until that unfortunate last one, tons of big saves to keep it close for you guys. Talk about Levis' role in keeping this one in your range.

Gajic: Yeah, Chris, you can't really say too much about him right now. He made a ton of huge saves for us down the stretch in the third and fourth quarter and even had a gang of them going into the half. He came back and we came back for him and it was just one unlucky shot - I think he was screened on it - and it's just tough luck for him since you hate to see such a good game end like that.

White: Well this is a ten team league and anything can happen obviously. Still in the playoff race despite the number of losses the Mammoth have, just tell me what it's going to take to get you guys into the playoffs.

Gajic: Well a fortunate thing for us is that all the rest of our games except for Boston are going to be against Western teams. We're mainly fighting with Edmonton for positioning right now and we face them three times. Just gotta work on winning those down the stretch and if we can pull them out you never know.