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Colorado Mammoth Host Rematch With The Swarm

Colorado spent the NLL’s All Star Break mulling over their last game, a 12-10 loss at home to the Minnesota Swarm. The Mammoth looked to get their first home win in almost two years as they led 5-1 early in the game but their goaltending and defense crumbled as usual and the Mammoth wound up down 10-6 by the end of the third quarter. Colorado will have their chance for revenge tonight against the Swarm, who are one of the top teams in the West.

The goaltending match-up will include two all-stars, with Nick Patterson in the pipes for Minnesota and Chris Levis – who hilariously got the loss for the West in the ASG – in goal for the Mammoth. Matt King, owner of the worst GAA in the NLL, will be backing Levis up. West captain John Grant Jr. and his team-leading 4.8 points per game will lead the Mammoth’s offense.

With the season half over, the Mammoth’s record is a paltry 1-7, good for last in the West and the NLL in general. The Mammoth are the only team with no home wins in the league this season.