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Colorado Mammoth Face The Boston Blazers

The Colorado Mammoth have had a long, long two week break to get ready for this one. Still facing their losing streak at home that has been going on since 2009, the Mammoth took the break to regain their former captain Gavin Prout at the trade deadline from the Edmonton Rush. With two true scoring threats on the team now in Prout and team leader/all star John Grant Jr., the Mammoth will now look to take a stand over the Edmonton Rush – the two teams play each other three times in the home stretch of the season.

Colorado lost their last game to the Blazers 11-6 in Boston in their worst offensive showing of the season. The offense should be improved with Prout now but the defense & goaltending may still be a problem against a very skilled Blazers team. If Colorado plans to make the playoffs, getting their first home win in two years would be a fine start.