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Introducing Facebook Commenting

This morning, we introduced Facebook commenting on SB Nation Regional sites. We want to make it easier for you to react and respond to stories -- from SB Nation Atlanta to SB Nation Seattle and all of the other 18 regional sites in between -- and provide you a more personalized experience, by allowing you to interact with your friends on Facebook.


Facebook commenting will allow you to leave threaded comments on stories just as you do today. Plus, comments can be posted to your newsfeed on Facebook and you can to respond to comments from Facebook. Simply use your Facebook account to log in and join the conversation (the rules of the road for posting comments and SB Nation's terms of service still apply).


What happens to comments previously left on stories? Nothing. Those comments will still be accessible. And for those of you who frequent any one of the nearly 300 blogs on the SB Nation Network, the commenting system on our blogs will not be changing. If you have any questions for need help, contact us at, and we will be sure to answer.