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2011 Super Bowl Commercials Wrap Up: Darth Vader/Volkswagen, Coca-Cola Stand Out Among Many

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One of the popular things to do during and after the Super Bowl is to rate the commercials that appeared during the breaks. Personally, I thought many of them were poorly done and used way too much low-brow humor (that Doritos finger-licker, pants-sniffing one, anyone?).

I was already biased for a particular commercial going in: the Star Wars-themed Volkswagen Passat. That commercial got resounding applause from everyone I follow on Twitter, but that was more for the kid Darth Vader rather than the Passat. It was a brilliantly directed commercial that one needs to see the full-length version of (above) instead of the short one that aired during the game.

But there was another one that was also done quite well.

Coca-Cola had a great spot.

At first, it's not quite apparent what this ad is about. There's a secluded snow village at the base of a mountain and then we see some creatures looking over the walls. The trees are on fire and an army of evil appears headed their way. Oh no, a fire-breathing dragon! Things aren't look good at all, but wait, did those two guys just smile at each other? What do they have planned?

What is this commercial about? Is it for a new fantasy MMORPG? That would be too simple.

An ice sculpture of a dragon appears, only to be melted by the real dragon's breath of fire. And that's where the reveal comes in. There's an ice-cold bottle of Coke in there. One of the ground troopers picks it up and tosses it right into the dragon's mouth. The dragon attempts to breath fire, but fireworks come out instead. The enemy turns scared and retreats. The city is victorious (and the citizens celebrate with Coca-Cola)!

It's probably my fantasy/sci-fi fandom that makes me biased toward these two commercials.