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Mammoth Lose, 10-8

Colorado lost yet another home game today, 10-8, in a fairly boring affair against the Washington Stealth, the latest in a string of home losses starting with the home opener last season.

Defense was the word of the day as the goalkeepers and defenses kept points off the board in the first half, with Mammoth keeper Chris Levis having an especially spectacular first half that included only allowing one goal in the first period. The defensive effort kept the score at a paltry 3-3 by the time the first period ended.

Early in the 4th period, a John Grant Jr. goal gave the Mammoth a two-goal lead, but after almost six minutes of scoreless action the Stealth suddenly found their offense again, scoring three goals in only a minute on a suddenly helpless Chris Levis to pull out a 10-8 score.

Colorado faces Boston on the road next, needing to get a couple of road wins to salvage the season for themselves with their lack of home ability.