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Mammoth Vs. Stealth At The Pepsi Center

The National Lacrosse League is a league chock full of parity, and a league where just about anything can happen. The Colorado Mammoth are probably going to need to rely on the 'anything can happen' nature of the league if they want to get a win tonight at the Pepsi Center against the Washington Stealth, a team that the Mammoth have yet to beat in their short history.

Last years champions, the Stealth returned a lot of their championship winning players this year to the squad but have fallen flat since starting the season with a win, ending up at a 2-3 record five games into the still-young season. They still have plenty of offensive talent and ability to score a lot of goals which will probably prove to help a Stealth feeding frenzy as the Mammoth's goaltending woes since Gee Nash's exit continue. With Chris Levis in net you can pretty much guarantee a couple of garbage goals getting in for the opposing side.

The Stealth won their first game of the season against Colorado 11-10, barely holding onto a late lead to win in overtime. That was the first of three one goal games that the Mammoth have dropped this season. Colorado has not won a home game since two seasons ago and has dropped all three this year en route to a 1-3 record. The Pepsi Center will assuredly be rocking as usual tonight despite the blizzard that has started to come down as I type this, so hopefully the 'Loudest House In Lacrosse' will finally prove to a be a advantage for the reeling home side.

With the Edmonton Rush still at 0-5 on the season, a win in Colorado's fifth game can push them into early playoff discussions as a lower seed.