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Mammoth Lose, 12-10

The same problems that have been plaguing the Colorado Mammoth all season persisted frustratingly as always tonight for the home side. Pathetic goalkeeping, pathetic offense, pathetic special teams, it’s all been played out a million times by this squad and they’re as efficient as a broken record when it comes to emulating it all over again.

Colorado started the game down 1-0 to the Minnesota Swarm but a flurry of goals including the first ever by new Mammoth player Con Bro Chill Connor Martin – who celebrated with an immensely entertaining backflip – gave them a surprising 5-1 advantage early in the first half. The Chris Levis that we all know and loathe showed up to blotch the day as usual with 4 goals allowed in a row for Minnesota. By half time the early promise was gone and it was back to being a draw, 6-6.

A giant bench clearing brawl at the very tail end of the first thirty minutes led to a ton of penalties including one that left Brian Langtry in the penalty box for the entire 3rd quarter. The Mammoth went down 10-6 before trying to mount an improbable comeback. Their shots were on net but the Swarm’s All-Star goalkeeper Nick Patterson was a complete stud stopping every manner of shot that the Mammoth could throw at him. Colorado got it back to 10-9 before a quick couple of softies allowed by Levis killed the game off once and for all.

Every game at Pepsi Center this year has been lost by only a single or two goals. The streak continues and the hopes for a playoff spot are all but dead with this one… and to be out of the playoffs only halfway through the season in a league with only 10 teams is really, really sad.