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Colorado Lose By The Score Of Very Large Number To Small Number

The Mammoth played a game tonight. At least, I think they did. I kind of fell asleep halfway through and I’m not sure if it was just a horrible dream. Colorado came out incredibly slowly on offense as per usual; while Matt King was starting in goal and made some key saves it wasn’t enough to stop the eventual onslaught that the Stealth began to unleash.

Colorado was down 11-2 by the time halftime came around with only goals from Dan Carey and Alex Gajic to show for a terrible half. By the time the third quarter began the incredibly small crowd in Washington – just over 3000 people were in attendance – was probably more interested in their A&W rootbeer than they were with the bloodbath they were seeing on the field.

Colorado looked to set the record for fewest goals in a game in the history of the league – the Philadelphia Wings set it in the late 90’s only scoring two in a game – but a late flurry – and I do count 3 goals in a period as a flurry when it comes to the Mammoth – got them up to five goals late in the period. It probably would have mattered more if the Stealth didn’t have 18 goals at the time.

The final score was an embarassing 25000 to 5 Chalupas to 7 20 to 7 loss for the Mammoth. Next game is Sunday against the Minnesota Swarm, let’s hope it’s better than this.