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Levis, Offense fail as the Mammoth fall 11-5 to Boston

It was not a good day for the Mammoth in any aspect of their lacrosse game tonight against the Boston Blazers. “All Star” goalkeeper Chris Levis played one of the worst games I’ve ever seen from a keeper in any sport, allowing soft goal after soft goal with hardly a save in between to show for it.

The Mammoth offense was no help either, playing very slow and deliberate lacrosse to try and match up against the Blazers’ speedy, shot-laden style of offense. An early Dan Carey goal for Colorado kept the score at 1-1 for a good span of time in the first quarter but the offense stalled after that with Boston keeper Anthony Cosmo making the saves he had to make as the Colorado offense failed to give him many difficult tests.

Eventually, Boston broke through the Colorado defense – and make no mistake, it was the defense keeping them off the board rather than Levis – and got a quick shot through Levis’ five hole to open the floodgates. By the time the first half ended, it was 7-1 in Boston’s favor. Levis even allowed Boston’s Jack Reid to score his first ever NLL goal. As the second half began, another quick goal made it 8-1 and Levis was pulled for Matt King.

King kept the score close as the Mammoth tried to claw their way back in, but a defensive lapse at the 3 minute remaining mark led to a breakaway goal for Boston that made it 10-4 and killed the Mammoth comeback. Two more late tallies, one a side, made it 11-5 as the game ended, with the Mammoth on the wrong end yet again.