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2011 NBA Trade Deadline: Will The Nuggets Move Nene?

Though the most intense rumors during the NBA Trade Deadline will center on Carmelo Anthony, there may be a growing consensus that the Nuggets will look to move Nene Hilario at the deadline if Anthony is traded. Nene has an $11.6 million dollar option he can exercise; however, he is expected to decline the option and head to free agency.

On Wednesday, it was reported that the Golden State Warriors inquired about Nene, though nothing substantial has taken place yet. Marc Stein of ESPN reported that if the Nuggets do trade Carmelo Anthony, they would like to do it a few days before the Feb. 24 trade deadline in order to move several other players, Nene being the most likely because of his contract situation.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the Rockets are also interested in trading for Nene, though nothing is percolating at the moment.

It is becoming clear that if the Nuggets do trade Melo, there could be a major turnover at the deadline as the team looks to rebuild the roster.