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Broncos Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas Suffers Torn Achilles Tendon

The injury-riddled NFL career of the Denver Broncos 2010 first round draft selection Demaryius Thomas continues, as he has torn his Achilles tendon while working out earlier this afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia.

Thomas missed the beginning of the NFL season due to chronic foot and ankle problems, and was considered a risky selection by many due to his long history of injury troubles. Many were surprised when Thomas was selected ahead of former Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant, widely considered the best WR talent available in the 2010 Draft.

When he was on the field, Thomas showed flashes of talent. In his first NFL game against the Seattle Seahawks, Thomas caught eight passes for 97 yards and a touchdown. For the season, he played in ten games but only started two of them.

Thomas is expected to miss between six and eight months while recovering from injury.