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Northern Iowa Vs. Montana Score: Grizzlies Lead, 35-10, Over Panthers After 3rd Quarter

The Montana Grizzlies wasted no time in extending their 28-10 halftime lead over the Northern Iowa Panthers at the start of the third quarter. Grizzlies quarterback Jordan Johnson and running back Dan Moore pushed the ball through the air and on the ground for a 62-yard scoring drive just 2:51 into the third quarter.

On that first drive, the big play was a Johnson pass to Jabin Sambrano for 28-yards, putting the Grizzlies an UNI's eight-yard line. Johnson then completed an eight yard pass to Sam Gratton for a touchdown. It required review as Gratton slid out of bounds as he made the catch; upon review, the play was upheld for a touchdown.

After that score, the game has not seen any more points added to the scoreboard. However, the Panthers are threatening to score as they just entered Montana teerritory

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