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FCS Playoffs 2011, Northern Iowa Vs Montana Score: Jordan Canada Puts Grizzlies On Board For 7-7 Tie

The Montana Grizzlies had to wait a few drives to tie the game at seven against the Northern Iowa Panthers in the quarterfinals of the 2011 FCS Playoffs, but that they did. After Northern Iowa took the lead, both teams exchanged punts. The following Montana drive was filled with interesting calls, exciting plays and some tough defense.

On the first play of the drive, it appeared that Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson had stepped over the line and made an illegal forward pass. Upon review, the referee reversed the call, but it was still second down since the pass was incomplete. After a couple of completed passes and a few runs, Jordan Johnson broke open the drive with a 23-yard run that put the team at the goal line, one yard out.

Jordan Canada was denied on his first two attempts, but he punched it in on his third try. The Montana crowd is back into this game.

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