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Northern Iowa Vs. Montana Score: Panthers Take Early 7-0 Lead Over Grizzlies

After falling short on its opening drive, the Northern Iowa Panthers took a 7-0 lead over the Montana Grizzlies on its second series of the game. Montana almost had a costly turnover on its first drive of the game, but quarterback Jordan Johnson had his short pitch recovered before Northern Iowa could be ruled to have possession.

The Panthers took over on its own 44-yard line and saw quarterback Tirrell Rennie lead a touchdown-scoring drive on five plays. He moved into Montana territory on a 14-yard pass and then rushed for 15 yards on the next two plays. After an incomplete pass, Rennie came up with a 27-yard pass as a result of the right cornerback playing too far into the middle of the field.

Jarred Herring came up with the touchdown reception and the lead. The Montana crows went silent as soon as he made his final stride into the end zone.

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