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NBA Free Agency 2011: Chauncey Billups Is Being Jerked Around Again

Former Colorado Buffaloes standout and Denver Nuggets leader Chauncey Billups can't catch a break this year. First, he gets caught up in the circus that was the Carmelo Anthony trade. Then, he, like all the owners and the players, has to wait out the NBA lockout and waits around until December for everything to resolve itself.

And when it's finally about to end, Billups is going to be playing for his third team in 2011. With NBA free agency about to start on Friday afternoon, the New York Knicks are going to use the amnesty clause in the new labor agreement to get rid of Billups' contract on the salary cap, reports Howard Beck of the New York Times. This is part of a series of moves that will result in Tyson Chandler signing with the Knicks.

The NBA where teams screw players, owners complain to commissioners and players believe they are entitled to playing for the only team they want and to force trades (ahem Chris Paul ahem). And then there are guys like Billups who wind up as chess pieces with little control over their movement.