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BCS Projections, Week 15: Houston's Loss Gives Boise State, TCU Chances At BCS Bids

The Houston Cougars lost its first game of the season in the Conference USA Championship Game, falling to the Southern Miss Golden Eagles, 49-28. This ends any chance the Cougars had of making a BCS bowl game. Had they won, they would have gotten an automatic BCS bowl bid since they were the Conference USA champions.

This opens up the BCS standings for some big changes. The Cougars were No. 6 in last week's BCS standings but will fall from that spot, possibly out of the top 10. The Boise St. Broncos, currently No. 7, now have new life in a chance for a BCS bowl game. As long as they beat New Mexico, the Broncos should move up. But that won't be enough to get in to a BCS game. It also depends on where Michigan (whose season is already over) and TCU (playing UNLV on Saturday) wind up. Michigan needs to be in the top 14 to make a BCS game and TCU in the top 16, neither of which is currently the case.

Also, Oklahoma would likely need to lose to Oklahoma State for the Broncos to get a BCS bid (via @murphsturph). If Oklahoma wins, Oklahoma State would likely get the BCS at-large bid that all these teams are playing for. on Saturday. Kansas State would also need to lose to Iowa State. The Wildcats hold a 17-13 lead at halftime.

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