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Week 15 NFL Scores: Kansas City Chiefs Hold 6-0 Lead Over Green Bay Packers

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers are in a tight contest in Kansas City.

Will the Kansas City Chiefs be able to upset the Green Bay Packers and its 13-0 record? Midway through the game, the Chiefs hold a 6-0 lead over the Packers. Surprisingly, Kyle Orton is outperforming Aaron Rodgers in this game. However, this is Orton's second go at the Packers this season, having lost to them when he was with the Denver Broncos at the start of the season.

Orton is 14-of-19 for 152 yards while Rodgers is 6-of-17 for 59 yards. The Packers have the top scoring offense this season with 35.8 points this season. The Packers will need to make second half adjustments that the Chiefs won't be able to counter to make the comeback.

Ryan Succop has two field goals for the Chiefs while the Packers' Mason Crosby missed his field goal attempt.

It's only a six-point difference in the score, one that the Packers should almost certainly overcome in the second half. But given the history of defending champions not reaching 14-0, the Packers will need to defeat the tide of history, as well.

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