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2011 New Mexico Bowl Score, Temple Vs. Wyoming: Matt Brown Increases Owls Lead To 21-0

If it isn't Bernard Pierce picking up touchdowns for the Temple Owls, it's going to be fellow running back Matt Brown. The diminutive back is a bulldog who plays to the utmost in his 5-foot-5 frame. He just put the Owls up, 21-0, against the Wyoming Cowboys.

Temple started its latest scoring drive when Wyoming's Brett Smith threw an interception that went into the hands of Kee-ayre Griffin. Taking it from his own 35-yard line, Griffin returned it to Wyoming's 35-yard line for a 30-yard gain. Temple quarterback Chris Coyer had a 10-yard pass to Malcolm Eugene to spark the drive and then Bernard Pierce rushed 12 yards for a first down on 3rd-and-1. Coyer almost had a 13-yard touchdown run, but his foot touched the white before he crossed the goal line. Brown then completed the drive with a one-yard touchdown run.

The Cowboys need to find a touchdown immediately to stay in this game.

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