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New Mexico Bowl Score, Temple Vs. Wyoming: Bernard Pierce Continues To Run Through Wyoming For 14-0 Lead

The Temple Owls have dominated the Wyoming Cowboys through the opening seconds of the second quarter. Owls running back Bernard Pierce found the end zone for his second touchdown and a 14-0 lead in the 2011 New Mexico Bowl.

Brett Smith and the Cowboys brought the ball from their own 40-yard line to Temple's 31-yard line, but the drive stalled there. After 2nd-and-16 failed to be changed, the Cowboys called a timeout to rethink things, but two plays later a field goal was attempted. Daniel Sullivan came up short on the 49-yard attempt.

Temple countered with a dose of 5-foot-5 running back Matt Brown to start the drive before handing off to Pierce once again. Pierce picked up six yards before scoring another one-yard touchdown.

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