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Jay Cutler Injury Update: Chicago Bears QB 'Not Expected' Back Until After Regular Season

For now, the Chicago Bears hold one of the NFC Wild Card slots with a 7-5 record. However, they will likely move out of that position with a loss against the Denver Broncos on Sunday. That would makes reports about Jay Cutler returning to the team not until after the regular season rather disappointing. But that's what ESPN's Adam Schefter reports: Cutler is unlikely to play during the regular season again.

Caleb Hanie replaced Cutler and has shown that he is not a quarterback who will win games for the Bears and can also lose them for the team. He has thrown three interceptions in each of his two starts.

The Bears did attempt to pick up Kyle Orton off waivers when the quarterback requested his release. However, the Kansas City Chiefs put in a claim and received the quarterback. Orton injured his finger last week when he took his first snap with the Chiefs.

Now the Bears and the Chiefs are teetering on the edge of lost seasons.

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