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2011 FCS Playoffs, Montana State Vs. Sam Houston State Score: Bobcats Settle For FG, Still Losing, 7-6

After neither team was able to develop a ground attack early on, the Montana State Bobcats were able to crack the Sam Houston State Bearkats rush defense. However, the Bobcats were only able to get a field goal out of the drive and are losings, 7-6.

At the end of the first quarter, the Bobcats ran the ball on nine of 10 plays before switching sides of the field. Cody Kirk, Everett GIlbert and Tray Robinson brought the ball to Sam Houston State's five-yard line. However, quarterback DeNarius McGheegot forced to the sidelines and threw an incomplete pass on 3rd-and-5 at the start of the second quarter. Jason Cunningham kicked a 22-yard field to bring the game to the one-point difference it stands at right now.

This game is turning into a defensive battle, but the Bobcats do seem to be making a crack in that with the last drive.

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