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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Denver Broncos Move To No. 24 In Real Clear Sports' Power Rankings Averags

The Denver Broncos might have been able to finish higher than No. 24 in Real Clear Sports' NFL Power Rankings Averages had CBS Sports now kept them low at No. 27. Out of the eight rankings Real Clear Sports uses, CBS was the outsider since the other rankings placed the Broncos at either Nos. 21, 23 or 24. Two sites put the Broncos at No. 21, two at No. 23 and three at No. 24. 

The Broncos finished just 0.13 behind the Carolina Panthers and the Minnesota Vikings, both teams that are 2-6 this season (23.25 to 23.38). Because 2-6 and teams are apparently better than ones with three wins, like the 3-5 Broncos.

The Philadelphia Eagles, also 3-5, average out to the No. 17 team this week despite a loss to Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears. Only two sites had the Eagles ranked as low as No. 20. Exhibit A why power rankings aren't really worth much,

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