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BCS Projections, Week 11: Boise State Likely To Stay At No. 5

Despite losing to LSU, it is expected that Alabama will stay on top of Boise State in the Week 11 BCS Rankings.

Despite Alabama falling from the ranks of the unbeaten after Saturday night's loss at home to the LSU Tigers, the Crimson Tide are expected to remain above Boise State in the Week 11 BCS Rankings. The Stanford Cardinal, who quietly cruised past the Oregon State Beavers 38-13 on Saturday, will also likely stay on top of Boise heading into their Week 11 match up with Oregon. Here, according to's Samuel Chi, are what the Week 11 BCS rankings should look like:

1. LSU, 2. Oklahoma State, 3. Alabama, 4. Stanford, 5. Boise State, 6. Oklahoma, 7. Arkansas, 8. Oregon, 9. Clemson, 10. Virginia Tech, 11. Houston, 12. Penn State, 13. Kansas State, 14. South Carolina, 15. Michigan State.

The good news for Boise is that there is no undefeated team below them, so if they win out they should stick inside the top 5 of the BCS rankings and have an automatic bid into a BCS game. The bad news is that there are still three teams in line in front of them in the race to be the second team into the BCS Championship game. In Week 11, LSU has a cupcake in Western Kentucky, Oklahoma State will head down to Lubbock to face Texas Tech, Alabama will head west to take on Mississippi State, Stanford will clash with Oregon and Boise St will host TCU.

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