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Brandon Lloyd Trade: Denver Broncos To Receive 5th Round Draft Pick From St. Louis Rams

The recent success of Brandon Lloyd with the St. Louis Rams means a better haul for the Denver Broncos.

According to Joseph Alper of Pro Football Talk, the Denver Broncos will get a 5th Round draft pick from the St. Louis Rams to finish the trade-deadline deal to acquire WR Brandon Lloyd.

The Broncos traded the reigning receiving yards champ to the Rams at the 2011 trade deadline. Lloyd, who had no touchdowns with the Broncos in 2011, joined Denver after the 2008 season when the Broncos sent QB Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears. Lloyd proved to be a solid target for QB Kyle Orton, but as the offense shifted into an option-based, run-heavy game plan with Tim Tebow in 2011, Lloyd became increasingly more valuable to other teams.

As a stipulation of the trade, the Broncos will now receive a 5th round draft pick because Lloyd has exceeded 30 receptions with the Rams (Lloyd is now at 31 receptions).

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