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Andrew Luck Heisman Watch: Stanford QB Breaks John Elway's School Record For Career TD Passes

John Elway failed to accomplish two things in his college career with the Stanford Cardinal: take his team to a bowl game (thank you very much, Cal football) and win the Heisman Trophy. Current Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck has already taken his team to a bowl game and he has a good shot at winning the Heisman Trophy this year (he finished second to Cam Newton in 2010).

After Saturday's four touchdown performance, Luck is still solidly in the 2011 Heisman Trophy Watch. He also broke one of Elway's passing records in the game. Luck entered the game with 76 touchdowns, needing one to tie and two to break Elway's career passing touchdowns of 77. His second of the game broke the record and with two more after that he now has 80.

Certainly breaking that record won't help him win the Heisman, but it does go to show how outstanding he has been. Still, breaking Elway's record also helped Luck break his own record. He had 31 touchdowns this season and needed two to set a new season record for touchdowns. He now has 35 this season and a bowl game to go.