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Cotto Vs. Margarito II: Miguel Cotto Says No To A Fight Outside New York

With the New York State Athletic Commission scheduled to have a hearing regarding Antonio Margarito's boxing license today in New York, and speculation that the Pepsi Center in Denver could be an alternative site for the fight, Miguel Cotto held a conference call to say he will not fight Margarito outside of New York.

The rematch is scheduled for December 3 on HBO pay-per-view, but Cotto was clear that it will happen in New York if it happens at all, as noted by SB Nation's boxing blog, Bad Left Hook

"If New York says Margarito is unable to fight because of his eye, then every commission should respect that," Cotto said.

And just to make it clear how blunt he was, the money came here: "I will not fight in another state. ... I signed this fight for New York, I am not going to fight anywhere else."

The hearing can be seen on the New York Department of State website, as Bad Left Hook notes.

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