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Cat-Griz Game 2011 Halftime Score: Montana Leads Montana State, 12-0, At Halftime

The Montana State Bobcats are going to need a second half comeback if they hope to defeat the Montana Grizzlies in this year's Cat-Griz game. The Grizzlies kicked a field goal to take the 3-0 lead with roughly nine minutes left in the first half and then forced a safety to take a 5-0 lead. With 2:15 left in the quarter, the Grizzlies completed a scoring drive with a fourth-and-goal touchdown pass by Jordan Johnson to Kavario Middleton.

Before the late Grizzlies touchdown, this had largely been a defensive struggle that saw neither team able to advance the ball into the end zone. The Bobcats kicker, Jason Cunningham, missed a first quarter field goal attempt. And then at the end of the first half, the Bobcats had a promising drive, picking up first downs on back-to-back plays. A DeNarius McGhee pass to Everett Gilbert did bring the team to the Grizzlies' 36-yard line, but the drive failed to result in a touchdown.

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