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Matt Cassel Could Be Done For Season With Hand Injury; Tyler Palko To Step Up

Things could be getting dire again for the Kansas City Chiefs. After pulling out of a despairing 0-3 hole to start the season, the Chiefs reeled off four straight victories before losing their last two games. That latest loss came against the Denver Broncos and it saw Matt Cassel suffer a hand injury.

It now appears that Cassel could not only miss next Monday's game against the New England Patriots but also be out for the rest of the season. That means, yes, Tyler Palko will likely start for the Chiefs against Tom Brady and Patriots and possibly for the remainder of the year.

Palko has little NFL experience, though he has appeared in four games over the last two seasons. The alternative is to play rookie Ricky Stanzi, and that seems unlikely.

The Chiefs might just replace the Denver Broncos as the laughingstock of the AFC West with the way things are going now. We're just a few days away from seeing if Tim Tebow can engineer another victory for the Broncos when he faces the New York Jets on Thursday. I have more confidence in that happening than in Palko leading the Chiefs to a victory over the Patriots.