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BCS Rankings Week 12: Oregon, Stanford Only Remaining Pac-12 Teams In Top 25

In the Week 12 BCS rankings, the Pac-12 has only two teams left in the top 25: the No. 4 Oregon Ducks and the No. 9 Stanford Cardinal. As things played out over the weekend, the Ducks defeated the Cardinal, 53-30, to take the spot Stanford had occupied in the previous BCS standings. Only one of the six computer rankings kept the Cardinal inside of the top 10 teams.

The Ducks are in line to play in the Rose Bowl, but they will need to win against the USC Trojans this week and then take Civil War against the Oregon St. Beavers. Plus, the inaugural Pac-12 championship game comes after that. The Ducks should be able to do it, as their only loss came against the No. 1 LSU Tigers in the first week of the season.

The Arizona St. Sun Devils had previously been inside the top 25 BCS standings, but back-to-back road losses to UCLA and Washington St. has dropped them to 6-4 and No. 35 in the latest rankings.

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