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WAC Waiting For Current Conference Realignment To End Before More Expansion, According To Report

Before all of the current conference realignment moves took place this summer and currently on going into the fall and possibly winter, there were some minor changes in the WAC last season and more may be on the horizon. According to CBS Sports' Brett McMurphy, the WAC is waiting out this round of conference expansion and will add two more teams by 2013-14.

In 2010, several WAC teams (Boise State, Fresno State, Hawaii and Nevada) decided to leave the conference for the Mountain West over the next two seasons. In order to make up for that loss, the WAC added the University of Denver, Seattle University, Texas-Arlington, Texas-San Antonio and Texas State. The former three do not field football teams, leaving the conference with just seven of 10 teams playing that sport.

Montana had been offered an invitation last year, but it was declined because it would have eliminated the rivalry with Montana State as well as lowering the team's high prestige at the FCS level. Will the WAC attempt to grab both Montana schools in the future or will it look to the already jumbled FBS level? We have a few years to find out.