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Week 9 College Football Rankings: Sagarin Ratings Move Boise State To No. 4

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The latest Sagarin ratings are out and the Boise St. Broncos are the No. 4 team according to the numbers. Recall that the Sagarin ratings are one of the six sets of numbers that make up one-third of the BCS rankings. The Broncos moved up after the Oklahoma Sooners lost to the Texas Tech Raiders on Saturday.

Clemson and Stanford are both undefeated and it was previously thought both would lead the Broncos in the BCS standings and other polls. Stanford moved up in the AP poll, but the Cardinal and the Tigers are behind No. 7 Oklahoma at Nos. 8 and 9. One-loss Oregon and two-loss Texas A&M are Nos. 5 and 6.

The Broncos might actually move up in the BCS standings if the rest of the computers are still down on Stanford and Clemson.

In local Colorado action, Air Force is the highest school at No. 70. Colorado checks in at No. 120, Colorado State at No. 140 and FCS Northern Colorado is No. 221 out of 246 teams.

Here is the top 25 in the Sagarin Ratings:

Rank Team
1 LSU 
2 Alabama
3 Oklahoma State
4 Boise State
5 Oregon 
6 Texas A&M
7 Oklahoma
8 Kansas State
9 Clemson
10 Stanford
11 Arkansas
12 Michigan State
13 South Carolina
14 Wisconsin
15 Texas Tech
16 Georgia
17 Arizona State
18 Michigan
19 Virginia Tech
20 USC
21 Baylor
22 Penn State
23 Nebraska
24 Texas
25 Miami