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College Football Rankings Week 9: How Far Will Oklahoma Drop? Will Undefeated Boise State Also Fall?

When the latest college football rankings come out, Oklahoma will most assuredly fall, but will the Boise St. Broncos see teams jump over them?

When the second round of BCS standings comes out on Sunday night, we can expect a few changes in the Top 10 teams. The USA Today Coaches Poll and the Harris Interactive Poll will help shape those standings. The Oklahoma Sooners were No. 1 in the former poll, but the 41-38 loss to the Texas Tech Red Raiders will certainly drop, possibly as far down as No. 9 where the defeated teams start in the poll.

This might sound like good news for the Boise St. Broncos since they defeated the Air Force Falcons on Saturday and improved to 7-0. However, last week the Broncos dropped one spot in the Coaches Poll following a massive victory over the Colorado St. Rams. It's likely that Clemson will leap the Broncos with its 59-38 victory over North Carolina.

In the Harris Poll, Oklahoma was No. 3 and should experience a similar fall. As for Boise State, they came in at No. 5, but Stanford and Clemson do appear to be in a good position to move ahead this week.

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