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Casper Ghosts Officially Become Grand Junction Rockies

The Colorado Rockies minor league rookie ball affiliate will play in a new town next season. The team formerly known as the Casper Ghosts has officially become the Grand Junction Rockies.

The Rockies will play in Sam Suplizio Field, home of the JuCo World Series and now one of the nicest minor league facilities in all of baseball.


Of course travel has always been a problem for teams in the Pioneer League, so this move should help that, right?

Casper to Billings: 277 miles

Grand Junction to Billings: 663 miles

Um, let's try that again...

Casper to Ogden: 403 miles

Grand Junction to Ogden: 320 miles

See? Improvement!

All joking aside, congratulations to the Western Slope of Colorado. You now have a professional baseball team to call your own. And to Wyoming? Sorry for your loss, but the true tragedy is losing the best logo in all of pro sports.