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BCS Rankings Week 8: Stanford, Oregon, Washington Lead Pac-12

The Colorado Buffaloes aren't going to be in the 2011 BCS standings anytime soon, but several of their opponents did make it into the first release on Sunday night. At No. 25, the Washington Huskies entered the BCS rankings after coming in at No. 25 in the Harris Interactive Poll and in the average of the computer polls. They were the No. 24 team in the USA Today poll. The Huskies beat Colorado on Saturday, 52-24.

The Oregon Ducks came in at No. 10, largely due to their rankings in the Harris Poll (No. 9) and the Coaches Poll (No. 8). Their computer average came out to only No. 12, with the high at No. 7 and a low of No. 18. The Ducks and the Buffs clash this Saturday.

The Stanford Cardinal checked in at No. 8, largely hurt by the computer rankings. With the No. 5 ranking in the USA Today Poll and the No. 7 spot in the Harris Poll, Stanford had three computer rankings put them at Nos. 10, 15 and 20. Stanford humiliated Colorado two weeks ago, 48-7.

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