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VIDEO: Russell Wilson Can Throw, Run And Now Catch The Ball

If I spend plenty of time here dwelling on former Colorado Rockies prospect Russell Wilson, it's because he had plenty of potential as a baseball player but also kept football as something more than a fallback option. He then turned that into a midsummer storyline on where he would finish out his college football career.

Now in Madison, Wilson is quarterbacking the Wisconsin Badgers a 6-0 record on Saturday in an eventual blowout victory against the Indiana Hoosiers. We've already seen Wilson throw and run the ball effectively, but now he's also showing he has the hands to catch the ball as well. Video after the jump.

Russell Wilson takes the snap and then pitches it to his running back, who promptly finds the open Wilson as a receiver. End zone meet Russell Wilson. Wilson meet the end zone. Wilson is still looking for his signature Heisman Trophy play, but this one isn't quite there.