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College Football Rankings Week 7: Boise State, Houston Lead Non-BCS Teams In Polls, Rankings

In 2010, the Boise St. Broncos had a late season loss to the Nevada Wolf Pack that prevented them from playing in a BCS bowl game. The Broncos will need to stay undefeated to make a BCS bowl game this season and look for several other teams ahead of them to lose. Boise State could win out, though they have tough back-to-back games in November against TCU and San Diego State. As SB Nation's Andy Hutchins points out, there might not be enough losses from the teams ahead of the Broncos that will make a trip to the BCS National Championship Game possible.

Additionally, Hutchins believes it will be hard for the Broncos to overcome the Wisconsin Badgers because that Big 10 team has a schedule made to go undefeated. However, the No. 19 matchup against Illinois could be a pitfall, but should they make it past that the Badgers are looking at a possible Big Ten championship game against Michigan.

And if Boise State has a sliver of a chance to play in the National Title Game, then the undefeated Houston Cougars (6-0) have even less an opportunity. The Cougars entered the rankings at No. 22 in the Coaches Poll and No. 25 in the AP Poll. The Coaches Poll and the Sagarin Ratings (as one of the computer rankings) help determine the BCS standings. In the latter the Cougars are No. 29 behind TCU (4-2) and North Carolina (5-1) while Boise State is actually ahead of Wisconsin.