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National Signing Day: College Football Recruiting Culminates On Wednesday

Every college football fan knows that recruiting is the life-line that keeps the program going and just one bad class of 25 players could set teams back a few years, as could a bad season or a head coaching. The latter two plagued both the Colorado St. Rams and the Colorado Buffaloes.

The Rams have actually had two bad seasons in a row after winning the New Mexico Bowl back in 2008 with a combined record of 6-18, but they are able to sign quarterback Pete Thomas which was a rare four-star signing for the Rams. As for Colorado, they never got off the ground with Dan Hawkins as their head coach in winning games nor winning any recruiting battles. The Buffaloes fired Hawkins back on Nov. 8 and brought in Jon Embree to be his replacement. Air Force in general is hard to decipher their classes, because there are so many restrictions put in place for potential athletes and most are two and maybe the rare three star player.

As for right now, according to Rivals, Colorado State has the fourth best class in the Mountain West, Air Force is eighth and Colorado is 11 out of 12 in the Pac-12 with only Washington State being ranked lower.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream as we look at the stories revolving around the local FBS teams as well as stories about their conferences over the next few days.