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Packers-Bears Game Score: B.J. Raji Intercepts Caleb Hanie, Scores Touchdown; Hanie Answers Back With A TD

The feelgood story of Caleb Hanie hit a bit of a speed bump--or maybe a rather large one. Hanie dropped back and passed the ball to his left. but Packers' nose tackle B.J. Raji was in exactly the right place at the right time to intercept the ball.

He then ran the ball into the end zone, being stripped of possession after the ball crossed the end zone. Raji then did a little dance to celebrate. Aaron Rodgers became ecstatic on the sidelines.

But on the ensuing drive by the Bears, Hanie connected with Earl Bennett on a short pass that turned into a 35-yard touchdown reception. The Packers still maintain the lead, 21-14.