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Packers-Bears Game Score: James Starks' 1st NFL Touchdown Gives Packers 14-0 Lead

The Green Bay Packers took a 14-0 lead over the Chicago Bears in the second quarter of the NFC Championship game after running back James Starks muscled the ball over the line of scrimmage.

The five-play, 44-yard drive started with a false start penalty on the Packers, but a 16-yard Aaron Rodgers pass to Brandon Jackson started things. Starks then rushed for a 12-yard game, which was followed by a 15-yard pass to Jordy Nelson. That put the Packers on the Bears' four-yard line. Starks then pushed his way to the goal line, extending the ball past it for the touchdown.

Rodgers is 8-of-11 for 138 yards and a rushing touchdown. Starks has 45 yards on nine carries and the latest touchdown. Greg Jennings leads the receiving corps with three receptions for 69 yards.

The Bears have not had much going on with their offense, but they are currently threatening inside Packers' territory.