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NFL Playoff Picture Week 17: Steelers Clinch AFC North Title; Rams, Seahawks To Settle NFC West Sunday Night

The NFL Playoff Picture continues to sharpen on Sunday afternoon as the AFC North was decided during the early games. The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cleveland Browns, 41-9, to improve to 12-4 on the regular season, while the Baltimore Ravens also improved to 12-4 following their 13-7 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. They split their season series, so the tiebreaker went to record in the division. The Steelers went 5-1, giving them the AFC North title and the No. 2 seed in the AFC playoff bracket. The Ravens took the first wild card spot.

The New York Jets (11-5) are the second wild card team after defeating the Buffalo Bills, 38-7. The AFC South is the only division in the AFC left to be decided. If the Indianapolis Colts defeat the Tennessee Titans, they will take the title. However, should they lose and the Jacksonville Jaguars defeat the Houston Texans, the Jaguars will win the AFC South.

In the NFC, the South division will be settled in prime time between the Sam Bradford-led St. Louis Rams (7-8) and the Seattle Seahawks (6-9). A .500 team or a below-.500 team will host a playoff game against a team with at least 10 wins. One wild card spot is still open, which the Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently hold.