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College Football Rankings: Who Should Be Number Two, Oregon Or TCU

Auburn is this season's BCS national champions and will be ranked number one in both the AP and coaches poll that will be released tomorrow. TCU ended the season undefeated capped off by an excellent performance in the Rose Bowl by defeating a 11-1 Wisconsin team 21-19. At the time of the game TCU was ranked third in both polls and the way voters tend to vote where if a team wins they move up and if a team loses they moved down. Going by that logic TCU should be number two when the coaches come out.

If TCU gets to be number two in both polls they will have tied the 2008 Utah team for being the highest rated team in the AP poll and if TCU is second in the coaches poll they would be the highest ranked non-BCS team in the BCS era. The vote for the number two and three spot will be close since Oregon played the number one team in the country down to wire where TCU did the same thing in their win, but it was a win over a lower ranked team.

The final college football rankings will be released tomorrow, so stay tuned for the details on the final rankings.